I am someone who tries to get everything they can out of the life we are given. Be it pain, sorrow, or love and joy. In the end, I want to be remembered as the girl who could always brighten up someone else's day, even if she couldn't brighten up her own.
I have found poetry to be a great form of self expression. It has often saved me during hard times. I put great emotion into my poetry, and I hope you can feel it as well.


Amanda Zacharski Poems

Will They Listen?

WIll they listen?
How loud must I be
for them to hear me?
Will they listen?... more »

Am I Ready?

Am I ready?
Is it my time to go into the world
and experience life on my own?
Am I ready?... more »

All I Want Is You

The light comes screaming through the window.
My tears hit the pages of my notebook.
They're seeping through every piece of paper,
blurring every line of ink.... more »

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