• All I Want Is You

    The light comes screaming through the window.
    My tears hit the pages of my notebook.
    They're seeping through every piece of paper,
    blurring every line of ink.... more »

  • Alone

    How can I lose this hurt?
    How can I escape my pain?
    All I want is sunlight.
    but all I get is rain.... more »

  • Am I Ready?

    Am I ready?
    Is it my time to go into the world
    and experience life on my own?
    Am I ready?... more »

  • Behind These Smiles

    Behind these smiles and shy full eyes
    lies a fragile soul that wants to cry.
    She smiles and hugs everyone around her
    not letting them see a fear filled girl.... more »

  • Bleed

    Do I have to bleed for you to see me?
    Do I have to scream for you to hear me?
    Do I have to leave for you to need me?
    Do I have to die for you to miss me?... more »

  • Depend Upon Your Own

    Sharp as knives, black as the bay
    Darkness is light, night is our day
    Depend upon what we stand for; what we say
    Listen to what we have now, nothing for what we fought... more »

  • Does It Matter?

    Does it matter?
    It doesn't seem so anymore
    So I've given up
    Does it matter?... more »

  • Falling For You

    I look at you and I'm holding my breath.
    For once in my life, I'm scared to death.
    I'm going to take the chance and let you inside,
    and show you my world like I have nothing to hide.... more »

  • Look Here

    Look over here
    and watch me die
    Don't come near
    I might just cry... more »

  • Lost Moments

    Remebering when we laughed together
    About insults and silliness
    Remebering when our lips brushed one another
    You were so suprised when I held you close... more »

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who is that girl about to fall?
    She looks so sad just sitting there
    Her face is covered by her hair... more »

  • Nothing

    I've been trying to forget
    The way your lips tasted on mine
    I've been trying to remember
    Why we even said goodbye... more »

  • Play In The Rain

    I remember when you would say
    That you hoped we would always be together this way
    When we would sing together alone at night
    And hold each other tight when we filled our minds with senseless fright... more »

  • Speak Your Mind

    What I have to say
    He doesn't want to hear
    It is known in the minds
    Of his friends most dear... more »

  • Surrender To The Knife

    5 lines now and wanting more
    Getting up to shut the door
    Slice the metal on my skin
    Don't take much cause its so thin... more »

  • Temptation

    She sits in her room all alone
    The door is locked, and she's turned off her phone
    As the sweet call of the blade grows near
    She listens to her heart to overcome her fear... more »

  • The Moment So Real

    The night so dark
    The water so still
    The thoughts so deep
    The moment so real... more »

  • The Room Painted White

    The speed, the rush
    It's almost like flying
    But lost in this feeling
    Is how people start dying... more »

  • Unnoticeable

    I cry my invisible tears
    Scream my silent screams
    No matter how hard I try
    I will always go unseen... more »

  • Will They Listen?

    WIll they listen?
    How loud must I be
    for them to hear me?
    Will they listen?... more »