• Aftermath Of Getting Hurt

    Ow, I never thought that it would last this long
    no matter how hurt I get, I thought I could stay strong
    but there seems to be a huge blockage infront of my thoughts
    no matter how much i try to concentrate, that huge thing blocks... more »

  • As I Heard My Friend Tell Me

    As I heard my friend tell me bout my classmate story
    That his father worked hard to bring him up and educate
    So that he need not relive his history
    And live happily and contentedly far away from his fate... more »

  • Better Listen To Me

    Better listen to me
    The the best thing in this moment you can do... more »

  • City Life Now A Days

    One glance at my garden
    Will give you an idea of the burden
    We city folks have to face
    In the fight for luxury in my race... more »

  • Day Dreaming On The Window Sill

    I rest my face on the window sill
    Day dreaming and hoping still

    My life will go on this lazily all the way... more »

  • Drops Started To Fall

    It was just a calm walk my companion and I were supposed to take
    Suddenly drops started to fall and there the fuss we could not break

    People were running everywhere, afraid they might dissolve in the water... more »

  • Experiments With My Character

    My character is something I know not to be firm
    It changes often from term to term
    It changes everyday cause I learn from the people I meet
    And also alters the way I then treat... more »

  • Going Through Pain

    If you are going through something painful
    Remember that it is inevitable
    So waht can you do about all the pain
    just feel it and let it go instead of all the strain... more »

  • Going To A New School

    Going to a new school somewhere I never went,
    This couldn't happen to me, this I never even dreamt
    Thoughts line up in my head,
    The ones that I truly dread... more »

  • Happy B'Day

    First of all I would like to wish you a very happy birthday
    You get if not many a few gifts that you take away
    But I am just reminding you, the best gifts of this year
    Are as you know all those memories you spent with your dear... more »

  • Having Reached The End Of A Life

    Having reached the end of a living
    I now sit down, wondering
    How the years so quickly passed by in the beginning
    But now here it seems like an year as each second is retiring... more »

  • How A Relationship Should Go

    This all started one fine day
    When these two people met in may
    Their thoughts and tastes matched so fast
    They were sure that the relationship would forever last... more »

  • How Every Family's Table Must Look Like

    I come a the end of the day to sit infront of my computer
    and instead I find myself facing a messy clutter
    I dont even remember how the surface of a table was meant to be
    i all hope for is to find it atleast once empty... more »

  • How I Wish Those Days Were Back

    Just one peek out my busy life
    I see everyone else having fun and sigh in grief

    I remember my younger days when life seemed so easy... more »

  • How You Broke My Soul

    You just shattered my soul to a thousand pieces
    Without giving me the slightest of the reasons
    It might be something you thought I would soon forget
    But it isn’t that easy no matter how much you regret... more »

  • I Love My Mother That Is For Sure

    Even though I don’t express it enough I love my mother that is for sure
    But it looks like she doesn’t understand that anymore
    I guess its my fault for her opinion of that sort
    Because I shout at here and don’t care and usually retort... more »

  • I Wonder What I Would'Ve Done Without Him

    Born on a heavenly day
    my brother comes to this world
    I wonder what i would've done without him... more »

  • I Would Like To Wish You A Happy Birthday

    First of all I would like to wish you a happy birthday
    I hope this happiness will throughout the year stay

    I’ve been there with you so I know what you’ve been through... more »

  • I'M Sorry For Those Words

    At this time the only thing that makes me sad,
    are all those words I said to make you feel bad,
    How can I make you feel any better?
    To forget all those memories sour and bitter.... more »

  • In The Very Last Moment On Your Death Bed

    In the very last moment on your death bed
    What is the use of all this money that is dead
    Will it come to see you and console you
    To prove that it is true to you... more »

  • It's Going To Rain

    It appears like it s going to rain fiercely
    The sights that approve it are people running down every street hurriedly

    There just rumbled a thunder although the lightening has gone missing... more »

  • My Fav. Website 'Poemhunter'

    I surfed the net to find something interesting
    I was of the type who found games boring
    Suddenly and completely unexpectedly I found
    Something which made me jump from the ground... more »

  • My B'Day

    Here comes the day I am not really awaiting for
    Cause on this day I realize that time flies and something more
    Another year has gone past and another new one will come to take its place
    And I am supposed to take up more responsibility by the [passing days... more »

  • My Dream I Can See Is Far Away

    My dream I can see is far away from me
    For it right now I am doing nothing
    I am not even sure bout what I want to be
    I see people around me and see them following... more »

  • My Treasure

    The moment I find some leisure
    I look upon my treasure
    Which is the collection of my sweet, sweet memories
    And will day by day increase,... more »