• I Love You More

    'I love you once, I love you twice,
    More than beans and rice.'
    I love you now, I'll love you later,
    More than wine and water.... more »

  • Love And Hate

    Love and I, I thought we were
    Common nemeses of hate,
    Love left out of the window
    When I came in through the gate.... more »

  • Money

    A weapon for the wealthy kind
    To rule the world by pocket might
    A miserly soul’s day-long dream
    To avoid squatting the road at night;... more »

  • Philosophy, My Mistress

    I take solace in you when I am sick,
    When the future of my life seems bleak;
    I consult you when confused,
    When 'right' and 'wrong' seem abused;... more »

  • Twinkle

    Shine at night as at day, little star,
    Send me your lively spark;
    Twinkle for me near and far,
    So I won't be kept in the dark.... more »

  • Utopia

    There is this gene in all of us
    That makes us a human kind,
    And yet exists this unknown force
    That divides us all than bind...... more »