I was born on 9 Dec.1975. After my mother's death in 1981 and my father's remarriage, I faced many hardships in life including the obviously disturbed social background. For an academic-average student with a struggle-only life, there was still sunlight. My grandmother aided my study financially. To support myself till my graduation, I had to do odd jobs including being a gatekeeper of a premise. Another odd job was writing poems. Some of my poems, written in Hindi then, have been used in political speeches by stalwarts. Some have been sung as hymns. I joined a school of repute as an assistant teacher. My academic ambitions and pursuits helped me in my professional and financial development. However, what was missing is a goal in life. My reporting heads once, Shri Kiran Patel and Smt. Uma Anavaratham, unknowingly, guided me through many professional tempests and, Nirali, my wife, helped me reach the bank safely. None of them, frowed, fretting, and fumbled. It is their love that has made me what I am today. A flow of inspiration, from the same sources, has led me to join here.


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Colours I See In You

The pink on your cheek
Tell me that you are not weak
But may be the cold wind had it beat*
Or, much of roaming* in the heat.... more »


I wake up fine
with work to do
and a ray of hope
I will have leisure time.... more »


People like
when to them, you say,
'My activity
is just a hobby.'... more »

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Relatives always make you happy. Some when they come, some when they go.

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