• 144,000

    Angel now you've got your wings
    And now you've gone and flown away.
    But I will always love you most
    And more than mostest in this place.... more »

  • An Ended Friendship Still Stands

    Although we are not friends,
    I am still your friend.

    And although our friendship came to an end,... more »

  • Patrick- The Boy That Never Grew

    A little babe placed in your tummy
    Until he's finished growing.
    A little babe you feed and nourish
    As well as you possibly can.... more »

  • Superhuman

    I've caught you from stories high;
    And even let you see me fly;
    Because I love you.... more »

  • Wrong Devotion

    So close to my heart but so far in yards.
    My hands want to reach, but for what?
    How long must I wait?
    How long will my heart throb before it gets what it needs?... more »