amber edwards Biography

i am 14 years old and in this year of many peoples lifes they dont really have much happen to them well every thing that could happen has happened in the last 12 days. i have only been 14 for that many days but i have been writing sence i could pick up a pen or something that will print out words and i have loved it and every thing that goes on in my life really happens. it all happend in the last skool year just cuz of one person my best friends tessa and ashlynn ok i guess thats 2 people but we all act as one. we all have been together sence the school year started and we have never been apart untill this summer tessa went to go stay with her mom on the other side of the country, ashlynn moved to lake trop. and now we are all slowly growing apart it really blows if you have evey lost 2 of your best friends then you know how i feel now i only have guy friends! ! but i kinda like having all guy friends cuz they have HOT guy friends! ! but i still need a friend thats a girl to talk to bout well girly things cuz i dont think a guy will ever under stand what happens in a girls mind! ! but life goes on right? ?