• A Chance Taken

    a smile and a wink
    made me think
    as we kissed
    how much I would've missed... more »

  • A Wish

    I wished for this day to come
    now I look back and think how dumb

    I sat there in my cap and gown... more »

  • Another Storm

    another storm is rolling in
    any argument you can not win
    you know she has already won
    because her sparkling blue eyes are gone... more »

  • Gorgeous Eyes

    She has gorgeous eyes
    that let her cry
    as she hides behind her extra skin
    yearning to be thin... more »

  • Just A Haze

    She made the choices
    and sided wit the voices
    I closed my eyes
    and thought of all the lies... more »

  • Life

    a night alone
    no interruptions by the phone
    confessing their love,
    love that's pure & white like a dove...... more »

  • Loving Embrace

    your arms around me so tight
    i don't want you to let go, it feels so right
    you kissed me gently, caressing my face
    I stood there leaning against your chest in you loving embrace... more »

  • Mind Vs. Heart

    I discovered the other day
    my heart had been stolen, taken away
    by a man I met a month ago
    my heart says yes, but my mind says no... more »

  • Old & Tattered Heart

    My world was shattered
    my heart laid lifeless on the floor, old and tattered

    The pain... more »

  • One True Love

    a twinkle in his eye
    let's me know that it's not a lie
    because I feel it too
    I hear it when he says my name... more »

  • Release

    red tear drops hit the floor
    one after another until it pours

    my eyelids feel heavy, eternally shut... more »

  • The Human Cup

    On my wrist is a crimson stain
    that shows the physical pain,
    that I endure
    to let the emotional pain pour...... more »