• A Child's Realization

    An innocent child's eyes
    See the white powder on the table
    She tries to believe his lies
    But somehow she's not able... more »

  • A Little While

    You’ve been gone too long
    Now I see her and pretend
    I act like we don’t belong
    But I know that this isn’t our end ... more »

  • A Mon Magnifique ((To My Gorgeous One))

    Baby, I mean it I do.
    I just can't say these words aloud yet
    I know that you want, no, need me to
    But we have to remember that we've just met.... more »

  • Broken Marriage

    When I said I do
    I meant that you would be mine
    I thought it meant the same for you
    But again you crossed the line... more »

  • Choas

    College Information floods my desk
    My telephone rings constantly
    Hundreds of people seem to be surrounding me
    Classes one minute... more »

  • Choice

    Send another message
    Send another plea
    Because life just isn't right
    Without you here with me... more »

  • Denial

    I still cry.
    I still ache.
    I still destroy myself.
    I still want you to hold me.... more »

  • Discovery

    With dyed black hair,
    She hid her heart,
    Because her pain was too much to bare
    It seemed as if she'd lost her other part.... more »

  • Feel My Pain- 11-25-04

    Dressed in black surrounded by pink.
    Hiding behind text books,... more »

  • Frustrated By The Bell

    Back scratching, lip biting, heart pounding.
    Just before the bells sounding
    If we had started would we have stopped
    Or waited until everyone was in fourth block?... more »

  • Give It Up

    You say you love me but you don't know me
    So how in the hell can that be?
    You want someone to treat you right
    And ease your fears at night... more »

  • Giving Up

    I've spent too much time wanting you back,
    I've forgotten what I live for.
    Yet I'm still lost in the black,
    And oddly the pain is more.... more »

  • God's Game

    Death and misery intertwine,
    As I grow to hate the hour of nine.
    Tears are so foriegn, yet they fall,
    Each time God drops another ball.... more »

  • I Cant Do This

    All i wanted was you to care
    But that loging was too much to bare
    I fought for you as long as I could
    Alot longer than i should... more »

  • I Dare You

    It has started again,
    I am somehow caught between the truth and the lie.
    I push away the lie and let you in,
    And because I did now all I can do is cry.... more »

  • Immoral Observations

    When you look at me it's a simple glance
    When you joke it's only humorous
    Whenever you touch me it lingers a little longer
    When you smile, your eyes flirt... more »

  • It's Yours 11-25-04

    Wake up and cry,
    In the middle of the night.... more »

  • Last Call

    You're gone, right?
    So this shouldn't be like this
    But, it seems that every night
    I seem to remember the lost bliss.... more »

  • Make Sure

    Take care of her for me.
    She loves you just like before,... more »

  • More Than This.

    You need to understand this about me
    I love who I am with and who I am
    But there are some things you must see
    For me to even give a damn.... more »

  • My Mother's Daughter

    You say one thing and act on another,
    Making assumptions you couldnt know.
    I seem as you say, like my mother,
    But there's far too much you dont know.... more »

  • One More Try

    I am packing my things
    And forcing away the tears
    Trying not to think about the pain this brings
    Realizing hidden in all of this are my greatest fears... more »

  • Patience For Love

    Baby, I love you and I want you to know this
    However, it is true, sometimes I cannot help but miss
    I thought she and I were meant to be
    Only, the feeling was only from me... more »

  • Shout

    Hide your emotions
    Swallow your bomb
    Continue going through life's motions
    And never experience that ultimate calm... more »

  • Simple Mistake- Not Grammacially Correct

    Physical pain is actually felt
    As I try my hardest not to cry... more »