• Somehow

    She loves me.
    I dont understand why you can't see
    We made eachother smile
    We made it easier through this trial.... more »

  • The Lost Cause

    Lost words.
    Lost cares.... more »

  • Too Long

    It's bad when i have to get her to call
    To understand how you feel... more »

  • Unanswered Questions

    Theres so many questions in my heart
    That wont let me get a new start
    Thoughts and feelings in my mind
    That seem utterly impossible to bind.... more »

  • Wait 12-4-04

    You're a friend but I know you want more.
    That's just something I can't do.... more »

  • Waiting For A Call.

    Just do not touch me
    Dont tell me it will all be okay
    Dont tell me to leave her be
    And dont tell me to think her away.... more »

  • Wanted Lies

    Lie to me,
    Tell me that you'll be here.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    I am strong.
    I am weak.... more »

  • Wishing For Changes

    Looking back, I’d change a lot
    I’d be more careful
    And remember the things I forgot.... more »

  • Words I Say

    This advice doesn't work but, these words I say
    To one of my best friends every day.... more »

  • You And Her

    I want to call you
    We need to talk about this
    But it's all so hard to do
    Yet, i still want that kiss... more »

  • You Say

    You say you have feelings for me
    Ans I know I do for you
    But how can I leave this be
    When I long to hold you too... more »

  • Your Fall Into Temptation

    'It was love when we first got together'
    You say as if I believe your lie.
    But, I of course know better.
    I believed it long ago, before the 'love' rushed by.... more »

  • Your Own Hell

    how could i be so stupid?
    i thought i was falling for you
    and i almost gave it all up
    but now i see who you really are... more »