• A Lady In Waiting

    A lady in waiting that is what I am, for waiting I must do to see my man.
    I must wait while my man risks his life for the country he loves so much.
    I do not know if he will return whole, I do not know if he will return at all.... more »

  • Dream

    The rain fell today and I stood in it and closed my eyes
    I lifted my hands and began to spin
    I hit the ground and just laid there thinking of you
    I thought of being in your arms... more »

  • I Am...

    I am the weight of the world on my family's shoulders.
    I am the burden they must carry.
    I am useless. I am hopeless.
    I am the rock they must carry to the mountain.... more »

  • Not Good Enough

    I do not have blonde hair or blue eyes.
    I am not model thin.
    I have acne and glasses.
    Does that make me worthless to your love?... more »