• Great Summer

    As the sun shines the warmth seeps to our souls
    As the storm rides through the wrath cuts us down
    As the snow blankets the world all seems too dead
    As the spring peeks in we see life once again... more »

  • Life

    Life does not wait on anyone;
    It continues on even without the sun.
    Day to night, months to years;
    It can cause you happiness even make you shed tears.... more »

  • Life Is One Long Breath

    Life is one long breath
    But, it can quickly leave- What will you have left?
    Start with a rise and end with a fall
    Your chest inflates and then becomes small... more »

  • My Love

    My heart has been fixed
    After this whole messed up mix
    Your finaly here, beside me
    Your mine to hold, to kiss, to see... more »

  • My Love..My Star!

    To fine out that you loved someone is amazing
    But, to find out to late is dazing!
    Confussion sets in, how can i act on this now!
    Its to late you say, but you have to let them know!... more »

  • One Of The Same

    Plants grow
    The tide of the ocean fluctuates
    The sun rises and set
    Life is one of the same... more »

  • One Wish

    If i could have one wish
    it would be to not wish
    wishing is nothing but a waste of time
    but yet to have one we would spend all your money- till the last dime... more »

  • Sun Rays Of Emotion

    The warmth of the sun rays beam down upon us.
    The blazed fire in your eyes, engulfed in lust.
    Intense emotions race to an entanglement in my heart.
    Because my feelings are so dear for you, I part.... more »

  • Those Words! Those Words!

    I don't expect you to fell my Pain
    My Heart is torn, It has been Slain
    Those Words, Those Words... more »

  • What Is The Meaning In The Life Of Man?

    I can't seem to understand!
    What is the meaning in the life of man?
    We live for what purpose?
    Does god have no limit in our use, are we all-purpose?... more »

  • Window View

    A dull voice goes faint; drifts away from my mind.
    My eyes become drawn to the window for the 100th time.
    Ever notice how hard it is to fathom such a thing;
    A see-through, fragile, divider, keeps you away from that outside ring.... more »