• nser eEding hHre (RrRted)

    We were never
    traditional lovers-
    but we were
    very good at being... more »

  • ....

    leave me-
    sun, moon, stars
    wilting, glass fixture and iris... more »

  • ...Changing The Color To Sunrise

    (you know who you are)

    pages of poetry scatter... more »

  • ...Shaving My Legs

    ....shaving my legs to enya,
    it makes me feel clean.
    you've got free long distance-
    you should visit more often.... more »

  • 02-23-05

    I’ve extracted you
    from my body
    like a sliver-... more »

  • 11 Year Old Memory (Written Early 2001)

    dry grass prickles my feet,
    9 years old ignorant toward
    the feeling that paralyzes my heart,
    creates a lump in my throat-... more »

  • A New Year, An Old Death (A Dream Of Trees)

    I can’t sleep anymore,
    not without bullets
    that blow my brain to bits- or dreams
    of trees, that grow suddenly... more »

  • A Ruins

    My eyes have turned pitch-black
    and my hands as pale as knives.
    Death is a traitorous fruit with a sweet pit,
    whose roots run... more »

  • A Safe Distance From My Destruction

    let me be nothing to you,
    not a bell with a voice... more »

  • A Slow Walk In The Evening

    I have a wound that seeps-
    it’s ugly and unkind; I beg it not to speak-
    it haunts me still, so I lay quietly,
    stitching my lips together, so that my tongue,... more »

  • 'Abrupt Shoulder Edge'

    I’ve become allergic to breathing,
    sucking air through the lump in my throat
    to the mass of cancer that keeps beating.... more »

  • After Erratic Encounters

    I woke, awkwardly
    in the dim light of morning
    to find the world hushed in newborn snow.... more »

  • Afterbirth

    Mother woke me this morning,
    her voice, a rattle of earth and worms-
    it may not concern you, she is dead.... more »

  • Afterthought

    letting go of soul
    is a deadly poetic stanza
    I’m unsure there's enough heart left to write.... more »

  • Ailment

    The ravening stillness,

    my heart bleeds out across this empty morning:
    Drifting down country roads... more »

  • Anna

    For one so full of sorrow and war-
    I think I should have been born in Russia during
    a dynasty of tyranny that brought to it’s people a great depression.
    It would make more sense because then I could explain why I feel so cold, most of the time-... more »

  • Apple Adventure [or: A.A.]

    I interrupt your usual monotony, to bring you
    a story with less than a beginning...
    The feature presentation is brought to you, courtesy
    of my humble life:... more »

  • Balm For The Soul

    saturday morning,
    the scars begin to bleed,
    take stock of all
    that cannot be free.... more »

  • Because I Could Not Compete With Skyscrapers And Swing Dancers

    Because now
    there is nothing more between us, except,
    39 hours and 54 minutes that translates into:
    distance... more »

  • Becker Vs. Dylan

    Becker was sitting on the steps
    in the final moments of day-

    catching fireflies with his fingers,... more »

  • Between Two Griefs

    last night while I
    played in another realm of consciousness,
    I felt your hand move against mine,
    as if you were reaching out... more »

  • Birds Of Prey And Field Mice

    something has died this morning.

    Out in the field the farmers reaped yesterday, a nest of raw things, and the crows circle the area, their black bodies honing in.
    I imagine their eyes fixate,... more »

  • Broken Bones

    They gave me reality alterations-
    told me to rest:
    tomorrow will bring better days.
    I question the existence of tomorrow-... more »

  • Cataract

    walking down the narrow path
    that split like a snake's tongue
    in the canyon's mouth,
    with the weight of our bodies... more »

  • Chronic Observatioin Disorder

    The quiet wait, contemplate,
    the scene- everything it contains,
    The mundane, the magic,
    the vibrant, the apathetic-... more »