• Letter: For Your Eyes Only

    You can't imagine how much I miss you, the sound of your voice, the softness of your lips. All these things torment me you know? Not a big surprise since you already knew I'm a haunted soul. I think about you often, and somehow I think if I were to allow every single one of my thoughts, of every enduring or passing moment be consumed by you, it still wouldn't be enough.
    I love that the magnificence of you lingers with me always, in everything I do.

    I think it's beautiful that the more I ponder you, the more I learn about my own existence, and the more I unravel of my fragile self, the more parts of me long to know everything there is to know about you. As if by knowing, and learning and understanding you, might somehow lead me to the answers of my being.... more »

  • Living In The Aftermath Of A Dream

    Love was understanding: the battle rages on
    inside my head, inside my lungs, even after
    love has gone.... more »

  • Love Poem

    in my dreams last night
    you were a poet
    who pulled words from
    the pale womb of sky... more »

  • Lover

    slap the beat across his back,
    nails strum the strings hard-
    tongue contorts, the violation of song-
    storm that rises in and out of his chest:... more »

  • Lullaby

    Beneath the nursery of a violet heaven,
    where stars; blazing embers of their own righteousness,
    are burning flowers of the deep, cool void.
    God has stretched out His hand- to touch... more »

  • Mindless Musing And Loneliness /7-25-04

    I lost my heart today-
    when I tripped over the curb
    somewhere between mainstream reality
    and incoherent dreaming... more »

  • Monday (Rated R)

    He pinned me between his hips and his couch-
    knelt over enough to kiss the blade of my back,
    and to lap his tongue in the stream of sweat
    meandering down the xylophone of my spine-... more »

  • My Hands Hold, With Or Without

    hush moon,
    don't sing sad melodies tonight-

    i get lost in the noise,... more »

  • Nostalgia

    I pretend pieces of my sanity
    don't actually fall between
    the pregnant pause, that
    rushes the silence in... more »

  • Nostalgia: Remember The Flower

    Remember the flower, love
    blooming night. The petals
    lit on fire-... more »

  • Observing Silence While She Dances

    the whole world -
    pieces of us,
    some things shatter.
    straddle the moment and call it love.... more »

  • Of Budding Trees And Pillars Of Concrete

    raindrops fall to the pavement
    far below this forever shut window,
    obscuring reflections-... more »

  • Of Feathers And Thorns

    I’m asleep by midnight,
    wake two hours later, shower
    then it’s back to bed
    where I rest my weary head... more »

  • Of Hours Spent (In Slavery) Or Atlas Of A Modern World

    If it were only night,
    I’m sure the light wouldn’t move
    as it does, instinctively
    Carving out dark figures of a fear... more »

  • Of Messiahs And Masochists

    smoke burns my throat
    inhale this cremation-
    a savior sat atop his pyre,
    i watched you die-... more »

  • Of Poets, Poetry And Acrimony

    when i think
    of all the clean words
    i used to use on you
    and how... more »

  • On Being Bound By The Freedom Of Expression

    (I've destroyed where first I built-
    I am god of this earth.)

    The men came one morning... more »

  • Pages: The Haunting Of Soul

    'the hard covers of our Titled Life
    and our Biographied Death'
    - Jc McGee... more »

  • Pathos

    faith opens the eastern door, every-morning
    to a world still full of sleep,
    shine reassures his hope-
    here is another day for the cause of living.... more »

  • Planting Seeds

    kneeling between the corn-rows
    I heard you
    speak to God
    as though... more »

  • Putting Myself To Bed

    what is night?
    if not
    a calligraphers darkest well
    from which he draws,... more »

  • Rainbows At 4am

    there are rainbows at 4am, created by
    an electric outlet and water
    from the bathtub someone left
    unattended or purposely misused-... more »

  • Revelations In A Sunday Morning Shower

    If I feel any heat at all
    it’s only the sting of bath water
    not nearly hot enough to melt
    the flesh off my bones-... more »

  • Romance

    the moon who wrote by candle light,
    he whispered low his love, to whom he adored-
    in a romantic game of follow the leader
    he chased the sun in chance, he might catch her.... more »

  • Sigh

    I imagined
    rain casting bows
    cross your sleep struck neck,
    you tossed and sighed... more »