• Cancer

    A dangerous epidemic has graced mother earth
    On the horizon a dark cloud of sadness is looming
    Questions rain supreme where did you come from oh Cancer
    Like lighting you strike with a kiss of death... more »

  • God's Own Fireworks

    Shining brightly in the sky
    So beautiful are God's own fireworks
    They don't burn out like candles
    So natural and ever glowing... more »

  • Goodbye Poverty

    I say abade adieu poverty
    On the horizon I see happiness
    A thick cloud of success is looming
    I have vowed never to wallow in self pity... more »

  • Happy Born Day

    Today is a special day
    From dawn to dusk we smile
    God has added a year and we extent our gratitude
    Like a bunch of patriots we celebrate for it is a success... more »

  • I Am In Love With You

    I am in love with you woman
    Your voice is that of an angel for it moves me to heaven
    The love that you torture me with lights up the path of a blind man
    The choruses that you sing threatens the queen in her own mansion... more »

  • Love Always Waves Goodbye To Desolation

    Dancing in the shadow of my dreams like a lunatic
    Everything is so misty, ideas drift my mind
    I question too much maybe that's why
    Happiness plasters my sad moments... more »

  • The Coming Of Love

    Welcome love the inner me has spoken.
    It has been long and disturbing
    So so desolate was me
    In your absence I was just as good as an orphan... more »

  • The Name Street Kid I Despise

    l am an ordinary child
    But they call me a street kid
    The street is my home I never denied
    And where I was dumped to see the evil world... more »

  • Was It My Choice To Be In The Streets

    Life was so miserable
    Grew up in the streets with no traces of my parents
    Sleeping on street pavements and in tunnels was never my option
    Who said I never wanted to feel the comfort of the bed... more »