• Arlington

    two miles from Gettysburg just a skip and a hop
    we paid with young lives but held Little Round Top

    by bullets and blood you'll remember us plain... more »

  • Drops Of Water In Time

    A dropp of water falls in the Sahara.

    It exists.
    It did exist.... more »

  • Fear Love

    I fear love
    like the wild fox
    always so ready to bite
    to devour its heart’s delicacy... more »

  • Lost Hearts Lake

    You looked in my eyes
    So tempted a heart
    And now fear gives rise
    But yes I'll take part... more »

  • Love Killer

    so who will it be now
    that cute kid next door
    a husband a housewife
    or just a cheap whore... more »

  • Pieces Of Dreams

    pieces of shattered dreams
    shrapnel through my heart
    left with no place to go
    nor life for a new start... more »

  • Some Sundays

    and so the wheel turns
    another day has come
    another year has left
    but not for all... more »

  • Souls Unfettered

    a heart finally let loose
    freed from shattered mold,
    a testament to faded lover's
    gossamer threads grown old... more »

  • State Of Grace

    Like distant visions
    Of what could be
    That gleam in your eye
    The flicker of possibilities... more »

  • Stealing Truth, Selling Fiction

    Blankets of grass and towering stones,
    Standing silent guard over love and bones.

    Your base desires so transparently shrouded... more »

  • The Anvil

    Losing you is a thin stream of fear
    trickling through my mind.
    Will it cut a deep channel
    draining all thoughts of your love?... more »

  • The First Rock

    did our love fade away
    or the flame simply burn out
    it feels like an empty picture frame
    filled by ghostly images... more »

  • The Twenty-Eighth Mistake

    I only took your lovely gift
    In the spirit of your brother,

    I didn’t steal your heart.... more »

  • This Time / I Still Listen

    your look is accusatory
    I see it all the time
    even in our favorite photos
    and we have so many... more »

  • Too Many Years

    All too many years alone
    Lost in unnamed crowds
    Surrounded by soulless hearts
    Chasing in love’s wrong direction... more »

  • What Kind Of Love

    our love can feel the wrath of a rose’s thorn
    or the beauty that a thorn has a rose
    it merely depends on our grasp
    it may wither away... more »