Amiegbereta Edwin Poems

Burn Or Shine (1)

From a drop of water, then flesh
He cries, lay down, sits, crawl and walk.
Emotions sets in, he chooses to read, love and play.
His choices either creates a blessing or a thorn.... more »

At The Banquet Table

The table is laid with savory meat
With fruits and liquids from the vine
Sorrows are laid waste as our hearts are soaked with wine
We rejoiced and pray for more days as this to come... more »

The Fray Of Our Faith

There is a war on what we believe
A fray on the faith we uphold
A poet was wrote:
'One last time into the fray... more »

Amiegbereta Edwin Quotes

Connection is a string, not a yardstick.
there is a limit to where we can go...

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