Aminat opatola graduated from secondary school as an art student in school, year(2010) at olmot private college. She Has passion for novels and books..she derived interest most expecially in writing by pouring out what lies in her hearts and thoughts.
She had an Hnd certificate in Marketing @ moshood abiola polytecnic now (moshood abiola university of science and technology) .
Currently serving her father land (nysc) in oyo state (ibadan) . She Love being around idealistic and intellectual friends.


Aminat Opatola Poems

A Letter To Life

Dear life,
i found thy path adorable and toneless,
so blent in the powers
of exuberance and sadness,... more »

About Me.

My nature as delicate like white faded violet,
my voice as tiny like little stars in space,
my cheek
soft upon my jaws like a thorn on a thousand roses. Yes!... more »

A Note Of Feelings

You held my thoughts like the bursts of musics in bent of floods,

watching you through my heart with glance of budding love,
up to those part you walked with perfect form,... more »

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