• A Bird

    Watching her in her sweetest fettles,
    flying with wings of gentle flush over the air's freshness,
    Her taper feathers catching at all things
    and binding her about in tiny rings,... more »

  • A Broken World

    If you're gone, if you leave me now, behind lost shadows in this silent air with no mists, clouds nor obscures,

    if you're gone now, in this cold earthly bind, leaving me wail in this starry shade between dimness like hungry lion roar,
    if you say,... more »

  • A Letter To Life

    Dear life,
    i found thy path adorable and toneless,
    so blent in the powers
    of exuberance and sadness,... more »

  • A Note Of Feelings

    You held my thoughts like the bursts of musics in bent of floods,

    watching you through my heart with glance of budding love,
    up to those part you walked with perfect form,... more »

  • About Me.

    My nature as delicate like white faded violet,
    my voice as tiny like little stars in space,
    my cheek
    soft upon my jaws like a thorn on a thousand roses. Yes!... more »

  • Angels

    In this dim world of clouding cares,
    we rarely know till wildered eyes clears,
    see white wings lessening up the skies,
    the angels with us yet we seems unaware,... more »

  • Ballad Of An Unknown Singer

    A voice full of life and sounds echoes,
    far beyond rocks and mountains that has no vivid trails,
    so smooth, a song of heart that felt the glows,
    merry merry falling into drifting air with passionate fills,... more »

  • Dear Little Heart (Triolet)

    Dear little heart with dread and pain,
    consider life a cheat and rise up like day,
    wind up thy soul and freeze out the strain,
    Dear little heart with dread and pain,... more »

  • Faces Of The Fortitudes

    Their courageous faces sways in the winding way,
    above their heads the hot sun pierce,
    through hardship and sweats, their hungry stomach groans,
    oh! look thousand eye steers in plights,... more »

  • First Of July

    A radiant beauty is born,
    a lovely little infant there came,
    face softly fair all brightly glowing with perfect faith,
    its the first day of july as earth pleasantly welcomes a soul,... more »

  • I Am Black

    Dislike me not for my complexion and let me make explication for my existence,
    i am black,
    created with virtue, wisdom, valors, and glory,
    look here upon my creation,... more »

  • If

    If my illusions are real i may find peace,
    in the lushness of pastures and grandeur of the mountains.
    Away from conk plights into the fragraces and freshness of autumness.... more »

  • In My Country, Yet I Stand.

    Standing in my country on the bridge of sighs,
    a palace and a prison on each hands.

    I saw from out the waves her structures rise as from the enchanter's wand.... more »

  • Let Me Kiss Your Tears Away

    come and i shall kiss your tears away,
    under my shadows where the seeds of joy are sown,
    up to the sky enclosed with all its showering falls,... more »

  • Loving You

    Why come near me,
    why make me dream,
    why steal my heart,
    when you know your love hurt,... more »

  • Magnificent

    Oh what beauty!
    How great and fair to be,
    the beauty that hath no definite defines,
    a beauty like a milky way meeting gentle lights without a name, a figure of gladness over spread with soft smiles like a child kindness bred.... more »

  • Meeting With Conscience

    I lay with life face down in a mire,
    and pray this darkness within become my pal,
    and hope again,
    rose up this prayer to wing,... more »

  • Moon

    O moon,
    lovely full moon,
    like the round ocean girdled with the dark sky..
    Making ugly wearisome night look so sexy and gorgeous,... more »

  • My Woman

    As i knelt down beneath your feet,
    lets come together and make our whole world a fit,

    you're my world greatest hero,... more »

  • Nature

    I adopt the pace of nature for her secret is patience.
    The assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter.
    We live in her seasons as we passes and breath her refreshing air, taste her fruits and resign ourselves to the beauty she creates around us.
    Lets climb mountains and get nature's good tidings, let her peace flows into us as sunshine flows into trees,... more »

  • New Month

    A new month again,
    a new opportunity for gain,
    the year is running to an end as the months flows in and out with haste,
    it says we're growing, , , ,... more »

  • Nysc (Clarion Call)

    A patriot Nigerian youth,
    arise thy country claims thee,
    to service and huminity
    on standing feet and... more »

  • Ode To The Brave Heart.

    Fearless on his shining armors,
    Wild and fury as the horn,
    Great was it to the day thee were born,
    as thee fights in rage with sword and arrows.... more »

  • Rain

    Rain rain rain
    falling from the sky above makes me wonder,
    making sounds like itemic poems makes it feels stronger,
    children hopes coming to pass as it prepares them for shower,... more »

  • Stars

    In the dark night, here comes the little stars making the face of heaven so fine and the world falling to the beauty it brings around the scary night.

    Alas! The garish sun is gone as its beauty hallows out of heaven with the sweetness of love and caresses it contains.... more »