• 906: First Love

    They say you never forget your first love,
    They never got across, though did love,
    Young immature minds drifted apart,
    Without the realization of a loss or any hurt,... more »

  • 907: Haven’t I?

    After a bit of trouble and a big loss,
    I just gave in to you, almost in a toss,
    The beginning was full of innocent bliss,
    Uninhibited you looked, pleased with what I spoke,... more »

  • 908: 23rd Anniversary

    Anniversaries are of many kinds,
    Some great, some are grind,
    Marriage, love and memories,
    Exploitation, cheating and felonies,... more »

  • 910: Cacophony To Peace

    I had strayed into cacophony from routine,
    The din sounded like music to my ears,
    Wasn’t long, the blare consumed my attention,
    I wasn’t listening anymore, confused,... more »

  • 911: Your Destiny

    I still love you,
    You abandoned me,
    When I was too young,
    I was taught to hate you,... more »

  • 912: I Want(Ii)

    I will go back to my roots,
    To the landscape that suits,
    To enjoy my life’s fruits,
    To get back into my old boots.... more »

  • 915: Love Varieties And Lovers

    Love comes in all colors sizes and shapes,
    Can you recognize when it approaches you,
    Many of us would have closed the antenna,
    Thinking we aren’t supposed to receive anymore,... more »

  • 916: Mind Abducted

    My mind was abducted long back,
    I never even knew, but others did,
    The host knew how best to use it,
    I kept doing what I was asked,... more »

  • 917: Birds On The Edge

    On the golden sand of the Illiot’s beach,
    On an winter afternoon, seated were two birds,
    Otherwise smooth talking birds, had a tiff,
    One was pushing the other of the edge,... more »

  • 918: I Were...

    If I were a parrot,
    Would have sung what you write,
    If I were the dancing bird,
    Would have danced to your tune,... more »

  • 919: Freedom From Body

    The day I will no more be in this body,
    I will be free to be where I want,
    I will choose to be with you my buddy,
    Let the inner me survive but the restrictions,... more »

  • 920: Who Am I

    Who am I?
    Was the question,
    The saint asked,
    Not this body,... more »

  • 921: Rythm Of Life

    Found love,
    Both glad,
    Jumped to marry,
    Elders angry,... more »

  • 922: So Many Occasions

    So many occasions you and me have spent in this room,
    Beneath the noisy fan, on this moist damp floor,
    The red revolving chair borrowed your charm,
    It was meant for you and only you whenever you come,... more »

  • 926: Part Of My Past

    As I walk past the heaps of snow,
    The sunshine hits my eye with all it’s glow,
    Different thoughts cross my mind,
    My babies sleeping, at the end of days grind,... more »

  • 927: Long March

    Life is like a long march,
    You start with your parents and siblings,
    Soon neighbors join you, relatives and friends,
    As you proceed the set keeps changing,... more »

  • 928: Aged & Blunted

    Every pain you suffer, blunts you a bit,
    Though you may or may not acknowledge it,
    Time is a great healer, but sometimes it’s too long,
    Most often it heals before you are gone,... more »

  • 929: A Smile

    Smile is a mild one, while laughter is loud,
    Teachers are imitated by laughter, if students are allowed,
    Smiles are of many types, accepting and blushing,
    Smile is a symptom while the cause maybe within,... more »

  • 933: A Baby

    Yesterday I met this toddler,
    She refused those who meddled her,
    She is an independent soul,
    She knew, walk alone was her goal,... more »

  • 934: I Wanted

    I wanted to see you dancing,
    And mothering my baby,
    I wanted to work with you,
    And author a joint paper maybe,... more »

  • 935: I Think Of You

    I think of you when I see a small baby,
    I think of you when my heart feels heavy,
    I think of you when I pass by that café,
    I think of you when I have a lunch buffet,... more »

  • 936: You'Re Loved By Me

    When you are dead tired even to think, know that you’re loved by me,
    When you walk back alone on a woody track, know that you’re loved by me,
    When there’s no one to hold you tight, know that you’re loved by me,
    When you travel alone on those familiar roads, know that you’re loved by me,... more »

  • 938: O Nectar My Nectar

    Nectar was thy name,
    Meeting you I was game,
    You filled me all the same,
    In no time you rose to fame,... more »

  • 940: The +ve Sides

    Hey, it would be nice to speak to you someday,
    Remember all those happy moments and sad?
    I missed lunch and drive together we have had,
    When you left, I was confused if not downright fey,... more »

  • 941: Come To Me

    I know you would come to me,
    So I wait for that destiny,
    It’s a bit too long to wait for you,
    I wish you came when I want you.... more »