• 973: Good Wishes And Caution

    Wish you all success in profession and life,
    With lying and give-in, your life is rife,
    You have abused and dumped someone,
    Forgiveness you can expect from no one,... more »

  • 974: Run Away Heart

    I had given my heart to her,
    She nurtured it to flourish further,
    She accepted me with all grace,
    And took me in a long deep embrace,... more »

  • 975: In A Lone Park

    On a bright sunny Sunday morn,
    The huge park, you and me adorn,
    Why is the busy place so lonely today?
    To give us our privacy of the day?... more »

  • 976: Ten Cents...

    Panted and raved, but never came,
    Had all the company, never to blame,
    Stopped the run and took the slow walk,
    As we engaged ourselves in small talk,... more »

  • 977: You Cared Once...

    Earlier when I had taken ill,
    You cared, and I knew you will,
    You came to see me with your stetho,
    Cared much more than you treated,... more »

  • 978: An Ode To May 17

    For over 20 months,
    I have listened to every word of yours,
    Accompanied you to every street of the city,
    Sang every song that you hummed,... more »

  • 979: Drops Of Love

    They recognized their love for each other very fast,
    That did not allow them to be victims of their lust,
    This was a relationship never seen before,
    Started with work and progressed forever,... more »

  • 980: Oh Baby, My Baby!

    Oh! baby, my baby,

    My heart cries out,
    Can't do a thing about,... more »

  • 981: Optimization In Life

    Optimization is a mathematical technique,
    Gets you the optimum even when it’s not unique,
    Constraints restrict the feasible options,
    Lesser the constraints better is the solution,... more »

  • 982: Sannyasin

    Sex between any two is banned,
    But marriage gives sex the grant,
    Not just a grant, it acts to sanctify,
    Which otherwise society shall defy,... more »

  • 983: If I Were...

    If I were a militant I would have blasted
    A few middle-of-the-road places of worship,
    If I were a traffic cop, I would have shot down a few vehicles
    And straightened the traffic AT TIMES,... more »

  • 984: My Life Is For You

    First time I got the signal,
    I was ready to go,
    But you would not let me,
    It pained both you and me,... more »

  • 985: Destined To Indecision

    You are the only one I ever loved,
    Given you all I had, of the likes,
    Never before, never again, but,
    Still I lost you to my nemesis?... more »

  • 986: You Promised...

    I sure was greedy to have my desires,
    But was not demented then and
    Clearly remember, you too promised,
    Were they all because, I desired?... more »

  • 987: Life's Crew

    Though unfortunate but still true,
    He was hardly his life’s crew,
    Many had driven him at different times,
    Enjoyed the journey when it was to his likes,... more »

  • 988: Love Silly Love

    Thoughts go by, Love is a wonder,
    As long as you have not committed a blunder,
    Stab of love is as sharp as that of a knife,
    Still each one of us have love in their life,... more »

  • 989: Had To Set You Free

    I had to set you free, however tough
    Last long year was weary enough,
    At long last I do see, the truth and light,
    I can’t do anything, but what’s right,... more »

  • 990: Beautiful Mind, Unmatched Pretensions

    I had not met an intelligent woman like you before,
    For all I know, you have a beautiful mind for sure,
    I wanted it to remain active and never get dumb,
    That’s why negated alcohol which makes it numb,... more »

  • 991: Quality Versus Devotion

    I loved someone for her devotion in me,
    Need of other qualities never occurred to me,
    I brought her up to understand my thoughts,
    Together we could solve all intricate knots,... more »

  • 992: For(Give Get Ever)

    Forgiveness is a noble quality,
    I wish I had,
    Outside and within to maintain amity,
    I wish I could,... more »

  • 994: Prism Of Life

    Love, marriage and love
    Are faces of the same prism,
    With one’s life at the base,
    Prisms vary in sizes and shapes,... more »

  • 995: Leadership

    Leadership is not everybody’s ball game,
    Some are born leaders, some are made,
    But once a leader, got to take some blame,
    Handover a place to a non-leader, to see it dead!... more »

  • 996: Pretentious Sunshine

    You came as sunshine to my normal life,
    Had not seen people closely of your type,
    Bright my life became like never before, also wide,
    Started doing things, had never done earlier right.... more »

  • 997: Economics Of Love

    Do you still remember those days,
    When I used to wait, patiently for hours,
    And those long embraces silent,
    Gave us peace and sense of content,... more »

  • 998: Innocence

    When you came to me, you looked innocent,
    Looking at the facts, I had my questions,
    Mesmerized I was with your genius,
    Ignored the questions, without the answers,... more »