• 999: Weak Moments

    I am going through one of those weak moments,
    Lonely as I have never been, I have lost just not love,
    Lost a friend, I shall never get again,
    Earlier I shared with you these weak moments of mine,... more »

  • Angelic Menace

    You speak and dress like an angel,
    But the demon in you to handle,
    I should be armed with a cudgel,
    Who wants to be stuck without a bail.... more »

  • Different Moods

    My heart jumps with joy, when I think of you,
    Every visit of yours elevates my spirits,

    Your texts are my most treasured reads,... more »

  • Enigmatic Cheat

    Enigma I thought you,
    Wanted to understand,

    So easy it proved,... more »

  • Forgive Forget Forever

    Yes, I have blown your cover, but I had to,
    Year and a half, you have been acting, hitherto,

    Illness turned you real, couldn't act any further,... more »

  • Freedom

    As you knew he was philandering,
    You ensured me for you in waiting,
    But he was out of it, and poised big,
    Also gave you freedom, to take the deep,... more »

  • Here I Am

    Here I am at the long lazy afternoon of my life,
    The uncomfortable mid day has seen it's lot,
    I thought myself invincible, almost, with values,
    but no, the very values of being there,... more »

  • Hutch Dog

    Let me be your hutch-dog and follow you everywhere,
    Call me by the name of your fancy, be it franky, louis or dollar,
    I will be with you on that long walk, at your site in the mud,
    Also on the plane when you travel to visit other sites,... more »

  • Intimacy Avoidance Syndrome

    You had grown out of your marriage,
    You said,
    That’s why you loved me may be,
    I guess,... more »

  • Learnt To Live

    I have learnt to live without your texts,
    Earlier, I'd loose patience and get stressed,
    Eventually send you one to get a reply,
    If this solicitation failed, would even cry,... more »

  • Love & Loved Ones

    My count of days are gone,
    I don't know the hour of the day,
    I am answerable to none,
    No one depends on me,... more »

  • My Cookings

    I never liked cooking!
    Never did food-chatting,
    Then a day came,
    With several dish’s name,... more »

  • My Values

    My values are stacked so high,
    Resulting inabilities leave a sigh,
    Even if it breaks my heart,
    Values need remain intact,... more »

  • Queen

    I remember, you were the queen of my land of fantasy,
    I was a slave destined to serve you,
    And I used to wait and wait long in the queue,
    For my turn to come till all else were done,... more »

  • Success(Ii)

    A dream of success,
    Made me restless,
    Pushed ahead against odds,
    Thoughts in matching slots,... more »

  • Willl Be There For You

    When you do not here from me,
    Know that you are loved by me,

    Even if I do not respond to your text,... more »

  • Won't Forget

    I won't forget holding your hand in a cab that day,
    Will remember gifting you a bracelet on your birthday,
    The day you called and broke down, due to a few texts,
    I drove down to see you during the hour next,... more »

  • You Are A Menace!

    Love I did you, very deeply and honestly,
    You too had all the honesty in loving me so dearly,
    But never knew your love could be so fleeting,
    When your day came, you declared quitting,... more »

  • You Shall Overcome

    Wiping your tears maybe beyond me,
    But by your side, I shall surely be,
    I may not be able to offer you fixes,
    I shall lend you a patient audience,... more »