• Adoration Confirmation

    I'm thinking that you thought of me
    And that has made me smile
    If I could know you thought of me
    And love me for a while,... more »

  • At Arms Length

    I need not stay
    No! I will go.
    To my wounds,
    My pride shall take me so.... more »

  • Bravery

    Where is the line between the foolish and the brave
    If you do not know, how can you judge?
    It is said that the brave soul still fears the grave
    And a fool is one for whom the grave, in daylight, waits... more »

  • Broken Up

    I lost a girl
    She has not gone far
    But there, where I have garner'd up my heart
    Please leave it there... more »

  • Delta

    The tears I drop
    Dry into clouds
    They will always fade away
    My skin will fall... more »

  • Gratitude

    To HAVE to write a poem
    He might have said, 'no way'
    And he thought he was not clever
    No! He must go on and endeavor... more »

  • Grenada

    Cool and Hot they come like faces
    Take minds to fantastic places
    Never will this moment live
    As it does right now... more »

  • Hidden

    Masks hide what we fear to show
    The deepest parts of us we know
    Covered like untouched fields of snow
    You are the spring... more »

  • Little Light

    There exists in us a little light
    In some, very faint, in some, very bright
    My little light now yearns
    It pulses with my beat... more »

  • Moments

    Moments exist as whisps of smoke
    That shoot and dart
    In shades of grey
    The time they end, so does my heart... more »

  • My Armour

    My armour that I wore with zeal
    Lies rusting in the sun
    I stand before you naked, helpless
    Still I do not run.... more »

  • My Wave Has Not Yet Come

    As transient as the next big wave
    Your friends will wash across your soul
    I thought in you I would find my tide
    You were one more for the road.... more »

  • Nice Guy

    A man who helps while his cuts heal
    A man who pays when he should steal
    A man who swears upon the deal
    That's what a man should be... more »

  • Poetry

    Poetry comes not easily
    See the forms take shape
    Grab one, grab ten
    Make ammends... more »

  • Rejection

    There never was a man more ready
    There never was a woman more fair
    And as he gazed at her eyes, still twinkling
    His words cut the dance hall air... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I'll laugh at your stupid jokes
    Sometimes, only sometimes
    Sometimes I'll pout and walk about
    Sometimes, only sometimes.... more »

  • The Call

    My sides beep and echo the call
    A call I could not feel
    As lonely as a post in twilight,
    I rage... more »

  • The Deep

    Come with me and see the deep
    See the side that dares to dream
    Fear and tremble
    Rant and rave... more »

  • Things

    The things we touch may not percieve,
    Just how they, being touched, do sleep.
    And we are drawn to push and shove.
    When all we wanted was a little love.... more »

  • Where Are You Going?

    You are what you eat
    You become who you meet
    You see what you speak
    You choose where you go... more »

  • Write On

    If writing verse were seen as cursed, then down with the devil I'd be.
    The world can't end or comprehend just what this means to me.
    For when in doubt I come about with such and such a phrase.
    Swift will I write, all through the night, till I see the sun's sweet rays.... more »