Amparo Perez Arrospide Biography

Born in Buenos Aires, from migrant Spanish parents. She has lived in many countries and currently works as a literary translator in England and co-editor of ezine Poetry Life and Times. She has published four poetry collections in Spanish, so far, and a few short-story collections.

Several links allow extensive reading of some of her works in e-zines such as The Barcelona Review, Wakan, El Otro Mensual (Eon) , Especulo, Poetry Life and Times, etc.

She also likes experimenting with oils, acrylic, gouache and pastels (some available through Poetry Life and Times website) .

Further reading: prose and poetry in both English and Spanish with videoclips at 'Saga Vasco/Argentina: Entre Nostalgias y Esperanzas'.

The poems published here were originally written in English. A few are translations from Spanish. Most were also posted to Poster Poems, Books blog, The Guardian, in 2008.