• Alone

    ... more »

  • Cut

    She cut her arms, he asked her to stop
    She stoped
    She cut LOVE on her leg, he got mad
    She stoped, She didn't want him mad... more »

  • Do You

    Do you care, truly care
    Do you see, see what she is going through
    Do you hear, hear what she says
    Do you know, know she crys every night... more »

  • Everyone

    Love is a feeling that comes from your heart
    we may not see love, but we do feel love
    Love may last forever
    Love may last a little while... more »

  • I Love You

    You see me laugh
    You see me cry
    You see me mad
    And yet you see me happy... more »

  • Love

    Love is like a rainbow, so bright and happy
    Love is like a rain storm, so dark and sad
    Love is a word
    Love Is a way you feel... more »

  • Someone

    Love someone yesterday
    Love someone today
    Love someone tomorrow
    Love someone everyday... more »

  • When You

    When you smile, I smile
    When you hold me, I don't want you to let go
    When you say 'I love you, ' I still ger butterflies
    When you kiss me, It feels like the world stops... more »

  • Would You

    If you saw me now whar would you do
    Would you hold me
    Would you say everythings going to be ok
    Would you sit down and cry with me... more »

  • You Say

    You say you love her
    You say you want to be with her
    You don't care when she loses things
    You don't ask whats wrong... more »