• A Question Of Time

    No words can express the feelings
    The hate, the pain, the fear
    Its hard to put on a brave face
    When you know the end is near... more »

  • I Go On, Without You

    I go on
    Without you
    I carry myself
    Like you carried me... more »

  • Looking Back

    A year of adventure
    A year of fun
    A year to meet that special one... more »

  • Torn Between Love

    Sometimes its hard to find
    A way to explain the thoughts in my mind
    He was so real, he was so right
    How does that feeling disappear overnight... more »

  • Waiting For Love

    Longing tears me up inside
    The memory of your touch fades away against a tide
    And if I could have, just one more night, I’d kiss away my pride
    For you, for me, for everything that we could be... more »