• A Blues Poem

    Seems all my days of late
    Are spent in doubt
    Regrettin’ what I done
    Wonderin’ how to get out... more »

  • A Child Of

    Freud’s theory that every boy wants to marry his mother and that every girl wants to be sexually
    possessed by her father scares me.
    Whether it’s the power of suggestion or whether grossly enough Freud was really onto something,
    I’m occasionally afraid that he’s right.... more »

  • A Gastown Bum

    I held her close to my side as we walked out of the restaurant.
    The way she bounced when she stepped reminded me of a high-strung child
    That I needed to keep a close watch on.
    She hummed as she bounced.... more »

  • Blue Eyes

    “I’m so sorry, ” he says again and again
    The desperate crease across his eyebrows tells her he means it

    She can tell he hasn’t eaten for a while... more »

  • Doggy-Style Behind The Octopus

    I went to play mini golf with this guy I met.
    I chose the Coral Sea course.
    I thought the dark and the black lights might be romantic.
    After a few holes, it seemed to be working.... more »

  • Downtown

    White eyes wide as we walk down Hastings.
    A crowded community completely crazy.
    One street houses one city’s wastings.
    Here where they’re labelled unlawful or lazy.... more »

  • Grace

    She was the youngest of 8 kids in a German Mennonite family.
    She went to UBC and she teaches grade 4.
    We don’t like to talk.... more »

  • Oh God

    Dear spiritual overseer,
    I do not now what will happen when if I die.
    I do not know if I’ve been good.
    Church is crap.... more »

  • Tink Tink

    Tink. Tink.
    Tink. Tink.
    I could never sleep at our house when it rained.
    The bedroom I shared with my sister was near the front door where an undersized tin roof was all that offered cover from the rain.... more »

  • Twice

    I heard Newfie got shot.
    And now he’s dead.
    I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel bad.... more »