• As I Grow My Wings.

    As I grow my set of wings to fly.
    Please dont question why.
    Im sorry I couldnt say goodbye.... more »

  • At The Emptiness Of The Bottle

    As the bottle slowly empties.
    As I drink my way through.
    I think to myself.
    God your a mess.... more »

  • Attackers 1

    I hope you die.

    You didnt give a shit that day.... more »

  • Attackers 123456

    Attackers 123456 you bastards.
    Be ready for the warth
    The warth of my revenge.
    I will you get you.... more »

  • Attackers 2

    Attacers abusers 123456
    I dont call you the above
    I call you cowards and bullys.
    But now I call you all bastards... more »

  • Battels Lost Here Is My Death

    I have won the Battles
    But Lost the war
    Bastards are bastards.
    And hurt me to much.... more »

  • Black Cloud In A Storm

    I fell lkie a black cloud in a storm.
    But stuck in the storm I am.
    So depressed so sad.
    Hurt angry and alone.... more »

  • Bllod Tears1

    The cuts I inflict.
    The cuts I make.
    Dosent hurt.
    I'm alive.... more »

  • Borrewed Time(Confusion)

    Heard it many times.
    Heard it said before.
    'your living on borrowed Time'... more »

  • Breaking

    I see me sitting sadly in the corner
    Knees drawn up tightly to my chest.
    Mind and body wreaked in sorrow
    As tears stream down my face.... more »

  • Broken Girl

    I feel like a girl broken.
    I no im broken in my heart.
    Why do I feel this way.
    I would love to no.... more »

  • Bullying

    Bullys are mean.
    If the must pick on someone
    Why not themselfs.... more »

  • Burning Flesh

    I burnt myself again.
    The pong of the rotten smell.
    The flames seep my skin.
    Burning like a fire.... more »

  • Burning Pain

    Pain and helplessness.
    Burns and simmers away.
    It all buns inside.
    I cant rember a pain free day!... more »

  • Caged In Misery Caged Like A...........

    Caged in life
    Locked up in misery
    Locked up in guilt.
    Locked up in denial.... more »

  • Cant You See Dont You Care?

    Cant you see?
    Do you even care?
    I want to die.
    Do you ever listen?... more »

  • Colours Of Pain

    Red deep and red angry red.
    For her eyes only see the anger thats around her.
    Blue for the thousands of tears cried.
    Black for the despair and depression life brings her way.... more »

  • Come And Get Me Copper

    Come and get copper.
    Im here ready for ya
    Im waiting
    Come and get me... more »

  • Crying In The Rain.

    I like to walk in the rain.
    For there I can cry.
    Its not looked upon as weak.... more »

  • Cut

    Takes away my inner pain.
    It releases my emotianal state.
    To watch the blood flow.... more »

  • Darkness All Around

    Theres a darkness thats always around.
    Its within the light of the day.
    And over takes the sunshine.
    There never was any light for me to see.... more »

  • Dear Grandad

    Oh how I miss you so very much.
    I never knew what sorrow that day would bring.... more »

  • Dear Mum

    Dearest mummy.

    Im so so sorry.
    My life has no glory.... more »

  • Death Has Come And Gone.

    Flowers on a grave.
    Fake and real.
    This death was no fake it was all but real.
    The ground above people sit and cry.... more »

  • Depression

    Oh horid ways of emotions.
    All actions tryed are of no use.
    All actions acted are usless.
    No matter the action its all in vain.... more »