• Depression Is Angry Again

    Depression is raging.
    In the mist of its anger.
    It eats my happiness.
    Fasting on my sadness.... more »

  • Did You Ever Give A Shit?

    Did you ever care?
    Did you ever give a shit.
    You never gave it a second thought.... more »

  • Die Just Wan To Die


    I want to die
    I want to escape... more »

  • Dirty

    I still feel dirty.
    Never ever feel clean again.
    I feel dirty from it all.
    From rape and abuse.... more »

  • Do Not Cry For Me Mum

    The time has come for me to say goodbye to you.
    I want to stay with you forever mum but I can not do so.
    Becuase a distant voice told me it was time to go back home.... more »

  • Do You Hear My Cries

    Please hear my cries.
    But understand that im low.
    Yes Im suicidal
    No Im not mad.... more »

  • Do You Know Who I Am?

    Do you know who I am.
    I am the angry wind that storms the night.
    I am the rain that pours.
    I am the storm of the night.... more »

  • Does Justice Exist

    Does justice exist
    I dont belive so
    Never has for me.
    Men and women... more »

  • Dont Ask My Forgiveness

    Dont ask for my forgiveness.
    Dont say youll wait for it.
    Becuase I shall tell you.
    This only once.... more »

  • Dont Hate Me Now That I M Gone

    Now that I've choosen suicide
    Now i've choose the final end.
    Will you hate me?
    For what I have done.... more »

  • Dont Tell Me To Snap Out Of It

    Why must you Tell me this?
    The same thing day in day out.
    Just snap out of it.
    Its easier said than done.... more »

  • Dont Try And Save Me Let Me Go

    Dont try and save me
    If you find me
    Before I have died
    Let my blood pour out... more »

  • Downpour Of Sadness

    I Have a sadness that pours down like the rain.
    In a never ending storm.
    Am I meant to be this way forever?... more »

  • Dreams

    Dreams can be kept.
    Thankfully its one thing to keep.
    That people cant take away.
    My dreams cant be stolen.... more »

  • Elephants Dont Forget

    You think I ve forgotten
    You think Ill forget
    Well let me tell you this
    I ve a memory of an elephant... more »

  • Emotions

    Emotions are all around us.
    Be it good or be it bad.... more »

  • Enemys

    Load of enemys are out there.
    They all want to bring me down.
    Enemys from the past.
    Still viseualise in my head.... more »

  • Everythings Broken Nothing Is Right.

    Everything around me is broken.
    Nothing remains a whole.
    For anger overtakes my life.
    Leaving me in hell of a rage.... more »

  • Expect Nothing

    I expect nothing now.
    Learned not tonexpect.
    Dont listen do a thing
    Promises are promises... more »

  • Fags My Friend

    Fags are my new friend
    Has been for a long time.
    With each exalation in and out.
    My daily stess a little less.... more »

  • Fighting A Losing Battle

    Im fighting a losing battle
    Of one Im not to win.
    Deprresion depression#
    And other lifes troubles.... more »

  • Fighting One More Day.

    Sitting here waiting compleatly in vain.
    All that'll be said is come back again.
    But I know full well tommorrow is to late.
    I cant fight another day.... more »

  • Flashbacks 2

    Flashbacks they come and go.
    But now they are here all the time.
    Every single day.... more »

  • Flashbacks...

    Flashbacks Flashbacks
    How they mess with my head.
    Flashbacks go away.
    Please stop this mental tourture.... more »

  • Foot Steps

    I walked the footsteps of life.
    Through hot cobbles and fire.
    I walked the footsteps of pain and hurt.
    I was forced to walk in to the woods.... more »