• Please Dont Judge Me

    Yes I cut myself
    Dont judge me please.
    Not untill you no why.
    Take the time to read.... more »

  • Please Hear Me

    Hello is anyone out there?
    Can you hear me.
    Please hear me help me please.
    Surely somebody is out there.... more »

  • Please Let Me Out

    Let me out of here
    Out of this hell called life.
    From the life of mine.
    That never was.... more »

  • Powder Cake

    Im a powder cake
    About to crumble
    About to go to crums
    About to blow... more »

  • Poweres That Hold Forever

    You had a power over me.
    On that day that you hurt me.
    You had the power to bring me down.
    Its a power thats never gone.... more »

  • Psycotic Episode

    I get this scary episode.
    When voices surround me.
    And eyes follow me around the room.
    The episodes last a few hours.... more »

  • Queen Faliure

    I am the Queen of faliure.
    At every thing I do I fail.
    My life is full of misery.
    My hart is sad and depressed.... more »

  • Questions Of Grife

    They say we bring nothing into this world
    And we take nothing out.
    But this is not quite so true.
    Cos we do bring love in this world... more »

  • Razor Blade

    Razor blade razor blade
    Sharpe glass shards
    Knife blades
    And all things sharpe.... more »

  • Realeasing The Pain

    To realease the pain from within.
    I have to cut and slash.
    Watching the crimson blood flow.
    Is watching all the badness come out.... more »

  • Remember I Told You

    Remeber I told you... more »

  • Remember I Told You 2

    What the heck is it with you?... more »

  • Restless Soul

    Am I a restless soul.
    A soul to be lost.
    A soul not quite whole.... more »

  • Risks And Dangers

    I like to take risks, I like to take dangers.
    I like to live life on the wild side.
    I've taken risks.
    And played life dangerously.... more »

  • Rotten Bastards

    The lot of you.
    All of you
    You are all rotten bastards.
    And I hate you all... more »

  • Run And Hide

    I wish I could run a long way and hide.
    I wish I didn't have these feelings inside.
    I wish I could go on with a glide.
    Hey I even wish I had a guide.... more »

  • Saying Goodbye

    Sitting here thinking about you.
    Remembering you as tears roll down my cheek.
    I hear you call my name Amy Amy Amy.
    Its almost as if your trying tom tell me something.... more »

  • Scared Of Noises

    Scared of every noise
    Especialy at night
    Every creek every click and clack.
    Has me jumping out of my skin.... more »

  • Scared To Trust

    Im scared to trust now.
    I had my trust broken many times before.
    I was left a broken girl.
    I still am broken inside.... more »

  • Scars

    I once knew a girl.
    Who forever had scars and cuts upon her arms.
    Hope was insribed.
    Not in the colour of ink.... more »

  • Scattered Echoes

    To my wonderfull family.
    I so very sorry.
    Yes I finaly done it.... more »

  • Screaming Pain

    The silent screams inside
    Nobody does hear
    But me.... more »

  • Screaming Sirens

    Can you hear the sirens screaming?
    Their on their way, to try to get to her.
    Here they go trying to save her life.
    In they go break down the door.... more »

  • Screaming Skin

    My skin is howling for the pain.
    I can do it again.
    I have to do it again
    my skin want me to.... more »

  • Sea And Oceans

    I trust in the sea.
    I trust in the deep blue seas and oceans.
    I trust in these becuase they can help me.
    They can take me out of this world.... more »