Bonjour! ! ! ! Jai mappelle Anouk. Jai Dix-huit ans.

I Have been writing poems since I was in 5th grade. I have based all my poems off of real events in my life. There is A lot of truth and troubles behind what I write. I hope you enjoy them! ! ! ! Have Fun! ! !
Merci Beacoup,
Anouk: D


Amy Ormonde Poems

Love Thrown Away

How are things this difficult
once so serene and free
now buried in a guilt ridden stream... more »


Im lost
I did something I should have never... more »

My Death

I can watch as this blood trickles slowly
leaving my once pale skin
red and lonely... more »

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she is an excellent poet with tons of skillz, tons of heart. she is also a fantastic friend..
Shari Hill 14 May 2007 06:46
amy i lvoe your poems love ya shari