• Among The Dead

    ... more »

  • Back Home

    So here I am, all alone…..
    Gazing at an imaginary fire, picturing home…..
    Thinking about happiness, cheerful faces….
    longing for some joy, a few intimate moments….... more »

  • Not My Time

    Don't know how
    Don't know why
    But I found myself crying,
    praying to the sky... more »

  • November Rain

    November rain washed away my guilt
    November rain washed away my pain
    November rain - so tired I felt
    November rain was not just any rain... more »

  • Resurrection

    I wanted to grow, to rise from the wreckage-
    to go out on my own, to be loved again.
    But no one was near, to watch as I managed-
    to take that first step, to break out from the pain.... more »

  • Tears

    After the children go to sleep,
    Before the moon suddenly appears,
    Between evening and midnight,
    When lovers kiss for goodbye-... more »

  • Time

    Have I really become lifeless,
    Or is it just time,... more »