I would like to clarify that i am no great poet. i just write when a strong thought or emotion takes hold of me.
Right now i have no idea how good my poems are! !

So readers, please rate the poems that you read and don't forget to leave your comments.


AMyth Kulkarni Poems

Isn'T Money Funny?

Money, money, money
Isn’t it funny?
Some crave for a penny
Some own crores many... more »


I sometimes wonder how
I will face the inevitable
Avoiding it is not difficult
It’s just impossible... more »

Unspoken Love

There are some things I would never do
Like send you flowers in a queue
Or make big promises I cannot keep
Or even when my heart cries my eyes wont weep... more »

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Comments about AMyth Kulkarni

P K 29 Jun 2006 06:02
Wow what a poem! You expressed your feelings so beautifully! I liked the 4 lines 'As I look in the dark sky The clashes one hears, Raindrops wet my face And become one with my tears.' Keep It Up! ! !