• Anthem Of The Atheist

    God didn’t create man but the other way round,
    Miracles are a farce not worth a pound,
    When nothing’s going right god is our need
    To give us hope and strength to succeed... more »

  • Death

    I sometimes wonder how
    I will face the inevitable
    Avoiding it is not difficult
    It’s just impossible... more »

  • Here I Stand

    I walk these barren lands
    No purpose no aim
    Roads and directions abound
    All but felt the same... more »

  • I Am What I Am..

    I am alone
    Getting lonelier as I go ahead
    But I can’t stop now
    I have to keep on going... more »

  • I Don'T Know...

    I don’t know what I want
    It’s a fact that really haunts

    I don’t know whether the past was right... more »

  • Isn'T Money Funny?

    Money, money, money
    Isn’t it funny?
    Some crave for a penny
    Some own crores many... more »

  • Last Love

    Because of you I
    Won’t ever love again,
    I lack the courage
    To bear all this pain.... more »

  • Life

    I sometimes wonder what life is all about
    Is it a race or is it a bout?

    You see dreams and you see them break... more »

  • Lone Evenings

    Here comes the void in my heart again
    Never thought you could be cause of so much pain
    I remember the evenings I spent with you
    Never realized how time just flew... more »

  • Love And Hate

    I love you cos you never frown
    I love you when you let your hair down
    I love you cos you hate everything bad
    I love you cos you’d do anything to make me glad... more »

  • Save Me..

    On the sidewalk, I stood alone
    And saw her walk across the road,
    I viewed their arms entangled
    And homewards I strode,... more »

  • The Farewell

    There are dreams in my eyes
    Mixed with a tear
    With hope in my heart
    Full of fear... more »

  • The Smile

    I stand and wait for you to arrive
    It seems I have been waiting for ever
    Waiting to hear your voice
    Feel your radiance, your touch... more »

  • The Starlit Night

    As the world sleeps I lie awake
    How can I sleep when my world breaks?
    I stand alone in this starlit night
    My dark life needs more than this mild light... more »

  • Unspoken Love

    There are some things I would never do
    Like send you flowers in a queue
    Or make big promises I cannot keep
    Or even when my heart cries my eyes wont weep... more »

  • Waiting For You

    You see me but then you don’t
    As if for me you were blind
    I would give away my soul
    To know what’s on your mind... more »

  • Walking In The Rain

    Can’t feel the dead cold shiver
    It seems it’s been for ever
    I’ve made friends with this pain
    I am walking in the rain... more »

  • Who Wants To?

    Who wants to be defined by words?
    Who wants to be a part of the herds?
    Who wants to be caged by rules?
    Who wants to beat these fools?... more »

  • You And I

    You decide. I follow.
    You adjust. I accept.
    Your feelings are supreme. My feelings are not.
    Your love is unquestionable. Mine are subject to suspicion.... more »