• Alpha Male

    King of the African jungle; golden and strong
    The pride is his, he has control
    as is his mane he shall live long
    his leadership he must show... more »

  • An Angel

    Each scar tells a story
    about this girl's life
    a story about misery,
    anger, and strife... more »

  • Beautiful Girl

    Her life dangles
    on a string
    connected to others
    that make her heart sing... more »

  • Broken Life

    This poem is about one of my best friends who has struggled with this cruelty her entire life. Most of this is true from her past, although she has not killed herself she has often thought about it........ more »

  • Come What May

    Come what may the seasons change
    Even though the world may be deranged
    We all flit from house to work to house again
    The monotonous, prosaic routine in easy to maintain... more »

  • Fight For Love

    Where will you be when all is said and done?
    Will you come back to me?
    I want you by my side forever and always,
    where in your arms I'll always be.... more »

  • Finding Home

    Wind sung peaks harbor low bent trees,
    Cascading upward in a crescendo of green.
    'Tis where her heart is free.... more »

  • Gallows

    To the gallows
    I must walk
    To hang there
    For all to mock... more »

  • God

    Who is this God?
    This one who causes war?
    Over his religions?
    Will those spirits soar?... more »

  • Harsh Reality

    time to put on the mask
    so you can face the world
    they don't understand your methods
    of how you face the world... more »

  • Love

    Arms can hold
    Lips can kiss
    Only you can
    Make me feel like this... more »

  • Love Vs. Hate

    Why do lovers tempt the fates;
    when chased by anger, fear, and hate?
    Young lovers know not what they want.
    They let their hearts lead their minds,... more »

  • My House

    Imagine for awhile: a large brick house
    Six bedrooms, three and a half bath in all
    Acres of green grass home the the deer mouse
    Two ponds out front with fountains to enthrall... more »

  • Not As It Seems

    Two people stand,
    A boy and a girl.
    She holds his hand,
    Exchanging words.... more »

  • Ode To Sleep

    Dark, sensual, inviting; the night comes.
    In the darkness I behold your face.
    Our passions fuse and bind us tight.
    Our love is like a wildfire,... more »

  • One Simple Kiss

    You capture me
    your arms pull near
    and hold me close
    you have no fear... more »

  • Perfect Opposition

    Absolute perfection
    Words can't describe
    How wonderful he is
    Both in and outside... more »

  • Place To Go

    She needs a place to go
    To hide from all her fears
    Of lost and broken dreams
    A place to shed her tears... more »

  • Rain

    Falls down with a power
    To wash away the pain
    Of sixteen years of life
    With nothing else to gain... more »

  • Red Droplets In The Snow

    She didn't want to show her
    She didn't think she'd care
    She didn't think anyone would notice
    She was really there... more »

  • Seven

    When pain is all you feel
    love, betrayal, and hate
    is this your purpose
    or a simple twist of fate?... more »

  • Take A Chance On Love

    Day and night are merged.
    What once felt wrong feels right.
    How do I figure out what comes next,
    When the days are short and the nights are long?... more »

  • The City

    The city is busy, bustling, free
    Exciting, new
    In the Urban Jungle, no where to flee
    Buildings stand true... more »

  • The Irony Of Love

    A beautiful girl
    Sits crying in her room
    Drowning in lies
    Apprehending her doom... more »

  • The Thoughts Inside My Head

    What would my mom say?
    Boys, sex, alcohol.
    The thoughts inside my head
    Are not what she is used to.... more »