• For You That Lost Your Love In Me

    For You That Lost Your Love In Me
    May You FInd What I Still Have Inside
    The Sun You Brought To My Life
    May You Share Yours With Someone Else's Heart... more »

  • Furies

    Banished from sin and the sacred
    Now they inhabit the humble intimacy
    Of daily life. They are
    The leaky faucet the late bus... more »

  • I Do Not Know

    There are so many things I'd like you to know
    so many places you've never been
    hidden pearls... more »

  • If Only

    if only my darling
    in between those falling tears
    you could see the rainbow
    if only my darling... more »

  • Midday

    Midday. A corner of the deserted beach.
    The huge, deep, open sun on high
    Has chased all the gods from the sky.
    The harsh light falls like a punishment.... more »

  • Seduction

    the smile of your body
    the touch of your lips
    the petals in your voice
    you... more »

  • Transparency

    Lord free us from the dangerous game of transparency
    There are no corals or shells on the sea floor of our soul
    Just a smothered dream
    And we don’t really know what dreams are... more »

  • You

    I am in love with you
    and I know why
    many times
    in the dark of many... more »