• For Sleepless Nights

    In the middle of the night,
    When it's dark, there is no light,
    You're alone, you sleep so tight
    ... Suddenly you feel the fright!... more »

  • Her Soul Died

    She was alive,
    but something inside her
    ...just died,
    Her soul... more »

  • Is This Fair?

    There's a little boy somewhere,
    In this word, all alone
    He knows so well, that isn't fair
    But you'll never see him moan.... more »

  • Just Don'T Forget To Ask

    Where are we going and why?
    What is true and what's a lie?
    Do we know what is our aim?
    Why are there people without shame?... more »

  • My Poems

    I thought I write some poems,
    but not for you..
    You have to live your own life,
    you can't live mine too!... more »

  • This Is Her Destiny

    Barely covered in white lace,
    Wearing a sensual smile with grace,
    She lighted a candle in the dark
    And saw in his eyes a spark.... more »

  • Wake Up, 'Lady'

    Your nail broke and you can't stop crying?
    'Lady', people lost arms in wars and they aren't dying..
    You gained a pound since last month you're saying?
    'Lady', people starves to death and live by praying...... more »

  • When Ice Will Burn...

    When ice will burn, and wood will flow,
    When the wind will stop and thunder will blow,
    When a water drop will fade the sun,
    When we'll fight to lose and die for fun,... more »