• Away

    Like I put in my status; 'I want more than just a sunset, more than just it's heat, I want the SUN fully! ! - no clouds allowed..'

    hope u understand it...... more »

  • Few Lines

    do you feel the coldness amidst the clouds covering the sun
    making this day grey absent from your smile?
    that's the way my soul is expressing through the wind
    following the traces of the emptiness that you left behind...... more »

  • On A Time Of Despair

    I will pour away your pain with my lips upon your wounds,
    I will get away your sadness with a tender rub,... more »

  • Presente Al Futuro

    Cuando las palabras no salen y ni aún al pensamiento vienen,
    aùn las notas invadidas de nostalgia pausan haciendo más largo el esperar.
    Oh amado mío, digo ocupar el tiempo en otras cosas, pero creo... more »

  • Thinking About Us - In This Time Appart-

    Oh my love...

    this past 26 days apart have make me wonder...
    I wonder if this your love is as strong as mine,... more »

  • Time Not Invested

    And I keep wasting time playing around, a glance, a smile, some exchange of words...
    time that is not invested but just enjoyed.... more »

  • To My Loved One...

    Although this distance is between our bodies,
    our love keeps uniting us together,
    although this pain is wounding us,
    our hope of meet back again keep us going,... more »