I am currently teaching in the Department of education in the Philippines. I finished the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education last 2013 at Cebu Normal University and I'm still taking up my master's degree at the Cebu Technological University concentrating English Language and Literature Teaching.


Ana Rose Trazo Poems

The Moon

Oh Dear Moon! Why are you so gloomy tonight?
Shrouded by the clouds; It covers your light.
Sometimes you shines bright yet alone all night.
It made me wonder how empty you'd me might.... more »


So hard to find for a place to fit in.
The world's so wide, I'm too little to be seen.
I've been walking from place to place
But I still can't find my space.... more »

Without You

Take a look at me
my tears are falling, can't you see?
wouldn't you wipe it and let it dry
but if you'll stay i wouldn't cry... more »

Ana Rose Trazo Quotes

I am not concern whether people would respect me or not. I am more concern on how to keep the respect I have for myself.
Ana Rose Trazo
The mistakes that I've done today does not define my whole being. If today is a failure, doesn't mean that tomorrow will be the same. Criticize me today and see me improving tomorrow for everything that happens in me is a part of the learning process.
Ana Rose Trazo

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