• Dear Star

    oh dear star, where have you gone tonight?
    how cant you see that i need you?
    i love you ill admit for once in my life
    dear star wont you love me too?... more »

  • Dont Save Me, Angel

    angel of mines, why are you with me?
    god has sent you, tell him to just let me be
    oh dear angel you know i lost hope in myself
    Just close your eyes, loved one, hear me out... more »

  • Drowning (Sideways)

    Here You Stood, Gladly Holding My Hand...

    You Said If I Ever Fell You'd Be There To Catch Me
    You Said I Had To Trust You For Gods Sake... more »

  • Evil Artist

    day after day he stands there
    gazing into the world around him
    he made everything unfair, fair
    with that frivolous attitude of his... more »

  • Forever Your's.

    im all alone again
    but i will always hold your hand
    have you in my hands
    oh my love...... more »

  • Good-Bye

    as i lay
    i whisper goodnight
    to the horrors of the day
    but i wish to say goodbye...... more »

  • Him Plus Her

    'i love you' they always said
    should be glad of the love they had
    together they where infallible
    him plus her, forever, inseperable... more »

  • I Am..

    ...I am the bullet of every gun...

    I am the flood of human kind,
    I am the tear of broken hearts,... more »

  • I Believe

    i believe that life could be better
    and i believe we can all get along
    stop the screaming and fighting
    let go of the hate we held so long... more »

  • I Wish

    i have wished
    of a life with no pain
    and i have longed
    to hold no such shame... more »

  • If Only

    if only you knew, if only you understood
    the reason why i cut is because of you

    if only you can see. if only you can tell,... more »

  • If You Want Me

    if you want me
    come get me darling
    ill be waiting for you... more »

  • In The Darkness

    in the darkness
    i can hide
    in the darkness
    i think of suicide... more »

  • In This Night

    in this dark cold night
    gazing into the wonders of the sky...
    from the hours that pass by
    for once i dont wish to die... more »

  • Left Behind

    nothing that was left behind
    has ever survived in this hell
    offend everything thats on my mind
    and the walls of control has fell..... more »

  • Listening To Each Dropp Of Rain

    me, myself, and all I stand for
    stands alone in the storm
    listening to each dropp of rain
    as my soul leaves my still form... more »

  • Loving Her, Hating Him

    he softly whispered 'i love you'
    she took his heart, stoled it
    he weeps in dough 'do she love me too? '
    she lied and lied left him broken... more »

  • Make Me

    Make me cry, from my eyes
    Make me suffer, for my lies
    Make me numb, from my wrist
    Make me wish, again i missed... more »

  • Release The...

    holding within me
    is the urge to stab you from behind
    darling then you'll see
    everything isn't really alright...... more »

  • Rose Red

    There once was a rose ever so white
    she stood so beautiful, fully alive.
    Everything that stands will fall
    and break, like a glass doll.... more »

  • She Is....

    she is death and i am the dead
    she is the needle and i am the thread
    she is the art and i am the sight
    she struggles upon, forever the fight... more »

  • So Close.. Yet So Far Away.

    The winters are getting colder
    they are worlds apart
    everyone thinks things are better
    with two broken hearts... more »

  • Winterrazorblade

    falling down is cold white snow
    from clouds that are gray, a
    wind that whispers sadly as it blow
    will freeze everything in its way...... more »