I am a person who is made out of people who are around me. I value my parents a lot more than anyone else...When i have had success, i had lots of people around., but during my failure i rely on my parents and myself. Determination is the key to what i achieve..not talented in any field..but determined to get talented...thats more like me


Anand Kumar Poems

To You...My Love

When I closed my eyes..and wanted to see...
My eyes could see you...
When I tied myself....and wanted to walk...
My legs walked towards you...... more »

I Wish I Could

I wish I could...
stand by you...
I wish I could...
be with you....... more »

Farewell Of Love

Lost in my world of feelings,
Deep into my emotions and thoughts,
With my heart so heavy,
I wished i could only smile..,... more »

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