• A Prayer To Death

    O Lord of Death
    Please embrace my soul
    For now there is no mission
    I am left with no goal... more »

  • Castle Of Sand

    I remember the first time
    I touched your hand
    And you touched mine
    it felt so fine... more »

  • I Am Not Christ

    I have had my share
    Of hatred and lies
    The sour taste of
    the tears in my eyes... more »

  • Its My Life

    Its my life, we all say
    'I've got to live it my way'
    But is it so? my eyes blink
    As more n more I try to think... more »

  • Nights Without The One Who Made My Nights

    I hold the glass high
    Full of pain and gloom
    Of losing my love
    I make a toast with sigh... more »

  • Silence

    In a dark room
    amidst the halo of smoke
    Ruminating over life
    left so sullen, so morose... more »

  • Strangers

    On the lonely streets we find them
    Strangers, as they are referred to
    We give our hearts to some of them
    And also love, so precious and true... more »

  • Sullen Times

    be it dusk, be it dawn
    the battle is always on
    between myself and me
    gloomy or glee... more »

  • Tears

    Two drops of tears rolled down my cheek
    It was raining outside, it was pouring heavy
    Two drops of tears rolled down her cheek
    Yeah, it was raining heavy... more »

  • The Magician

    With an outburst, he rushed
    Tears gushed
    His tiny feet
    Cover as much ground they could... more »

  • The Mendicant

    There he is so tenuous so thin
    Hairs all colly, temple full of dust
    In eyes so pallid and a pointed chin
    He looks like a rod covered with rust... more »

  • The Wanderer

    Amidst all those rovers
    Wandered a cloud, so ebullient
    Plethoric with the divine aqua
    To pour down, to relish its scent... more »

  • When I Don'T Like You

    There are times, that I don't like you
    And you don't like me, I know that too
    But I want you to know, Oh dear, I swear
    All of that time, I still love you... more »