Ananda Alves Biography

I was never really into poetry until I started visiting this website.

On May 6th 2007, around 1am, I created my first poem, the very first one of my life, called 'Roulette'. 'Lullaby' and 'Mirror, Mirror' just came in a row.

I went to bed around 6am and already had 7 poems in my hand. I decided to publish them, with no purpose at all, but after reading a few comments telling me I was good, I think I became addicted.

As all of you can see, I'm not an English native speaker. I'm brazilian, and originally, I speak Portuguese. So I'm sorry if I make any mistakes about spelling or expressions, I'm trying to do my best. ;)

My opinion about poetry? It's something that gives you freedom and flexibility to write about whatever you want to and in the way you want to. There's no right or wrong.

Please, comment my work, rate it, tell me how you feel. It's really special for me.

May inspiration be always with you,