Ananta Madhavan Quotes

'All truths are partial and the last, the most.'
'Today is the Tomorrow of Yesterday And the Yesterday of Tomorrow'.
A. Madhavan,21 June,2014, musing on the Relativity of Time and the futility of his trying to understand the equations of Einstein.
1. 'It is not we who catch up with age; It is old age that catches up with us', As the over-taker said to the undertaker. 2. 'Middle age is when you are old enough to to envy youth, but not too old to stop caring about the loss of youth.' 3. 'One consolation of middle age is to watch the parallel of ageing of contemporaries'.
A. Madhavan,8 April,2013 and earlier.
A Zen Quibble. There is no point in this Zen story. That is the point.
A. Madhavan
'I am securely anchored to a grooved Orbit of days and seasons; I shall hold Fast to my functions, my place in the sun, Observer, object, subject, substitute For the vanishing void in the centre.'
Poem by A. Madhavan, entitled 'Axle', published by Writer's Workshop, Calcutta, India in 1971.
'O Woe, we owe you overmuch That crippled Happiness should take you as its crutch'.
As a college student I was interested in figures of speech, metaphors, prosody, rhyme, and scansion, including 'homonyms'.
'Some of us predict the Past, imagine the Present, Historicise the Future too. But our dates are mythical, Our imaginings are private fictions, our predictions are irrelevant. Time that is measured is only is only a strip of a Perpetual Calendar, a fictional chronometer, a mood too subjective to serialise as the last Act in a play without an Epilogue.'
Closing lines of a contribution I sent to Poem Hunter, 'Time Sense and the Present Tense' on 28 February,2015.
Arrest. We want to catch Time and wind it round a wrist and keep watching it. Time takes its revenge on us by watching us constantly.
I noted this in my diary in November 2012, feeling time pressure.
Truly Singular. When you can count the hairs on your head rather than speak of your head of hair, you are truly balding. Everyone has plural selves, but each is truly singular.
A note I made on 7 May,2013.
'The world is a vast artifice, constantly under renovation. We are the architects of its demolition and the artisans of change in our imaginary nooks, crannies and private cubicles.'
A. Madhavan,15 March,2015. I fear no Ides of March. Good to be different from Julius Caesar.