Ananta Madhavan Quotes

Time Sense 'Time that is measured is only a strip of a Perpetual Calendar, A fictional chronometer of a mood too subjective to serialise As the last Act in a play without an Epilogue.'
Last verse of my poem, 'Time Sense and the Present Tense', posted in PH on 28 February,2015.
Seeking Tao (or 'Dao') A man in search of Tao Saw this dilemma: "If I would have Tao, I should not seek Tao. If to have Tao, I don't seek Tao, I shan't have Tao".
In my youth, I was interested in comparative ethical and philosophical beliefs. The old Chinese and Indian quest for meditation as a personal training in life is fascinating.
Destiny Cannot foretell what may happen tomorrow. Fate Is a fallback excuse for futures grown obsolete. Every day we visit a country called ‘Later'. It has the same landscape as ‘Yesterday'; But we still want to go there, O where? .... Enough that we lasted long enough to wish That the last day, last hour, comes a little later. But in the process of postponing Death, Let us not postpone Life itself. Life is Now, This moment we cannot encompass in time.
AM, in 'Later', a poem posted in PH on 6 July,2015
'Human being'is a neutral term which is not only a name for our specific species, but also a moral imperative for us to be humane.
A thought that came to me when I remembered a 'kirtana' or song by Thyagaraja, 'Paritaapamu Kani' in a Raga called 'Manohari' (captivating the mind) .
'The pure and simple truth is that Truth is seldom pure and never simple.'
A phrase that occurred to me when drafting a note on an issue in foreign policy in the 1960's. A. Madhavan
Ennui, utter tedium, drove me to crime: I stifled a yawn and then killed time. On Saturday afternoon at three I felt like a picture by Paul Klee.
I wrote a short poem on Ennui on a tedious day in 1963, after visiting a museum in Bern, Switzerland, where Paul Klee lived and painted his uniquely composed expressive, fragmentary pictures; I sent my verse to PoemHunter in 2014.
Some show their wisdom in the choice of their folly.
The sin of Impulse and the sin of Will Are both unpardonable.
AM, posted in PH on 1/1/2014 in 'Bit Poems, Not Bitter'.
The Philosopher Others may hack and saw, He troubled the root With a question mark.
I posted this old little poem in PH on 12 December,2013.
There will always be some exception to every rule, except this one. Work that out as a logical or illogical conundrum; or as a moronic oxymoron.
Thought of it in June 2014, I think it is original, but if someone has had this thought before, let me know.