• Childhood

    The most enjoying period in one's life,
    Is the exciting childhood life.
    There is so much time for play,
    And also make things with clay.... more »

  • Journey In An Indian Train

    Journey in an Indian Train,
    At the time of a drizzly-rain,
    Gives quite a wonderful experience,
    Which can be kept in rememberance.... more »

  • Men Of Honour

    A dream to follow
    For which we aspire
    We endure all pain, we perspire
    Cause we are the MEN OF HONOUR! ! !... more »

  • Oh! Its A Hot Summer Day

    Oh! its a hot summer day,
    When the temperatures are high,
    Yes, this is the month of May,
    All-man and animals cry-... more »

  • U And I

    When I open my eyes.
    I see u
    When I close my eyes.
    I feel u... more »