• Holding An Icecube

    I'm holding a little artic world in my hand
    its asphyxiated life shrinks and drips, counting down the minutes to apocalypse
    Is this the pain a god feels?
    that dull ache within my fingers... more »

  • Pitcher Plant

    hungry buzzing weighted silent,
    he licks the sides like a lover
    mother-loved faces never share
    though drunk from the same glass... more »

  • Roadkill

    your life is gone now
    left as nothing but a lump of blood and fur
    mourn not for what you've lost
    but for what you've never gained... more »

  • The Escape - (For Booger)

    For one moment you were free
    your ink-dropp eyes squinting
    in the pure light of the sun
    you turned your head, bewildered at the sight of this world... more »

  • To A Moth On The Laundry Room Floor

    This morning I crouched down and watched you
    struggle on the bare linoleum floor and asked,
    'What happened to your wings? '
    For at any moment you could have flown out of the open door... more »