• Depression Destroyed My Life

    Depression destroyed my life.
    It told me I was no good.
    It told me I was all bad.
    It told me I was not loved.... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    I don't know what to write.
    I don't know what to say.
    The only thing I think is death.
    What is death?... more »

  • I Remember Jossee

    I Remember Jossee

    By: Stacey Haarmann... more »

  • Jossee

    You sat on my lap.
    You brushed away all of my tears.
    You play house with me.
    You purred in my ear.... more »

  • Last Night Was The Worst Night

    Last night was the worst night.
    I had a terrible headache.
    I couldn't fall asleep because I was hurting.
    I wish I could have died right then to get rid of the pain.... more »

  • My Mission Is Lost

    I've tried to convince people I want to die.
    No one takes time to listen.
    They all start screaming at me.
    The only ones I can count one are friends.... more »

  • Nightmare

    I see you.
    You have a gun.
    It is pointing at me.
    You tell me I'm no good.... more »

  • Pain

    Physical pain.
    The pain of a bullet piercing you twice.
    The pain of a knife through your heart.
    The pain of water filling your lungs.... more »

  • Spare Of The Moment

    Spare of the moment
    Sitting in this chair
    Thinking of a moment
    When I wasn't in despair.... more »

  • Suicide Sucks

    Maybe I can stab myself?
    No, hurts to much.

    Maybe I can shoot myself?... more »

  • Yesterday

    Yesterday was a shock.
    I learned my classmates
    judged my character,
    when they didn’t know me.... more »