Andesikuteb yamusa Poems

I Will Submit A Poem This Morning

I will have to wake up early to think,
Cos i need to submit a poem this morning,
A beautiful poem for that matter.... more »

I Dont Know What To Write About

With my hands itching so much,
And my mind being still open,
I wish I had something to write.
With my big mouth wide open,... more »

Two Or Three Of Us Can Write This Poem

Me, myself, I, you, yourself and them can write this poem,
Pure with no prejudice or self elation.
We will write it beautifully well like an Arabian sonnet.... more »

Andesikuteb yamusa Quotes

It is only a fool who thinks of himself low.a wise man believes the other way

Comments about Andesikuteb yamusa

Jayatissa K. Liyanage 27 Dec 2015 05:06
I read most of your poems with passion, and found all of them are real life matters. Your down to earth thinking makes your poems diamonds. They are blunt, hard, clear enough to see through, yet valued high. Excellent thinking AY. Keep writing. Good luck!