• A Light

    In your eyes
    I see a light
    A light that shines
    Through my soul... more »

  • A New Beginning

    I built Four walls
    around my battered soul
    To help my eternal bruises
    fade away... more »

  • A New Tear

    Unexpectedly a small surprise
    Something appeared from my eye
    A tear starts to flow
    for a reason... more »

  • Always Wondering Why

    reaching down
    deep in the depths
    of your stomach
    to retrieve... more »

  • Broken Walls

    To love someone
    will always turn
    his love has never begun
    you opened your heart... more »

  • Childhood Love

    A childhood love
    Do they last forever
    We shared our first kiss
    On a swing set together... more »

  • Consumed

    eyes connected
    feelings exploding
    anticipation as the events are unfolding
    consumed by lust... more »

  • Contract Paided

    The perils of hell's gate
    knocking at my door
    trickery of a sweet voice
    from the face of Lucifer... more »

  • Death

    How can we live in a world
    with such pain and hate
    caused everyday from the so called
    human beings... more »

  • Forever

    Through the growth of our lives
    and the openness of our hearts

    seeing with a unpredictable eye... more »

  • Give Me Your Heart

    He has asked for a gift
    only u can give
    You on bended knee
    heart given to him... more »

  • Heart Yearns

    The pain of a heart in love
    Not receiving the same in return
    Hurting more now
    then if it breaks... more »

  • I'M Sorry For You

    To a friend of mine
    I’m upset with you
    You ask for support
    On what you do... more »

  • It's Not Love Right?

    It has been so long
    Since I had this feeling
    Heart closed off
    For so many years... more »

  • Je Amour Tu

    I always have trouble
    with my words
    When spoken out loud
    They never flow... more »

  • Life

    Tearing open the labyrinth
    of your souls cavities
    seeing the path
    of your life's steps... more »

  • My Silly Guy

    My silly guy
    You make me smile
    a strange effect
    haven't seen for awhile... more »

  • New Path

    as you read this
    is it of you
    as you read this
    is it something new... more »

  • Open

    start and end your days
    with the choice
    of keeping an open heart
    to see what amazing things... more »

  • Our 5 Senses

    Can you hear me?
    You are so far away
    Please come near
    You have gone a stray... more »

  • Repression

    When does the mind stop
    allowing the heart to speak
    let your soul guide you
    Why does the pain of our past... more »

  • Scared

    wanting to live
    feeling dead inside
    no emotions
    no connections... more »

  • Shadows

    So many lines
    shadow the ground
    you see them around
    coming from trees... more »

  • Something New

    When Is it to soon
    to say that you care
    When you first met
    A spark in the air... more »

  • Statues

    Statues coming to life
    breaking the iron hearts
    Chastising love
    solid walls... more »